What is the darshan miracle on this website

What is the darshan miracle on this website

This website has been developed to bring to all of ShreeNathji bhakts details of the Divy darshans that Shree Thakurjee gave on the 9th June 2005. The website talks about Thakurjee’s ‘Divine kripa’, After reading about the darshan Varta and seeing the pujan photos (in which ShreeNathji gave us sakshat darshans and permission to photograph His Mukhar), you will have to believe that our beloved Thakurjee, ShreeNathji, Shree RadhaKrishn, Shree GovardhanNathji, yet does His Divine Leela and Play in the outer world.

As per ShreeNathji’s Hukum, we have been able to make public His Shakshatkar Darshans by sharing this divine Sakshatkar photo of His leela, which took place on His Sacred Mukharvind at Shri Govardhan in June 2005.

The photographs of this Divya Darshans from Shreeji Mukharwind at Jatipura, which we were given in 2005 is now being made public in 2014, as per His hukum and desire.

The photos are totally authentic as taken at the time of pujan and not tampered with in any way. In today's day and age with photoshop one can create anything in a photo. But what I have published here as darshans are untouched artificially. The ujjaval white urja that you can see are direct darshans of ShreeNathji as Lalan Swarup.

If you have read ShreeNathji literature, one of the many purpose of His Appearance in 1409 AD was to look for all pushti jeev and merge them into Himself. These were souls who were caught in the earth karmic cycle during the Shree RadhaKrishn leela in Dwapur Yug, (some 5239 years ago-in 2017)and hence did not find mukti. Thakurjee granted mukti for them through His sevak Shri Vallabh Acharya and Shri Gusainji.

Some of His pushti souls are yet alive in today's day and age; and are the ‘patr’ of ShreeNathji’s kripa.

You as a reader may wonder and question, rightly so; ‘Why will Thakurji grant darshans to Abha, who is she; she is not a part of the Vallabh Kul, nor even a Pushtimargiya. And even if all that she describes here is true, why will ShreeNathji give them hukum to publicise it. Don't all the Vallabh Kul balaks tell us to never share any divine encounter or anubhuti with anyone else’

It is a journey of several lifetimes, in which I may have had some past connections with Shree Thakurjee, to make me worthy of receiving the purest of kripa; from my Gurushree and svayam ShreeNathji who is my MahaGurushree.

Kripa and Blessings from the Superpowers create miracle in our lives.

Their Blessings and kripa open us to some wonderful happenings and transform our lives positively to the greatest extent. It has to be some very positive karmas of the past, that one’s life becomes worthy of being showered with kripa and blessings.

As pure and soft as dewdrops, they enter us in the most subtle manner, many times without us even being aware of the divine miracle that has happened in our life.

Miracles may look like coincidences to the unbelieving, but in reality are part of the perfect plan in Prabhu’s work. Shree Bhagwan showers blessings through the divine guru.

(To understand the point I make here please read the ‘Live Happenings’ on ShreeNathji’s website: www.shreenathjibhakti.org)

What is the darshan miracle on this website
Divya Anubhuti at Giriraj Govardhan Mukharwind
Second time darshans as Shree RadhaKrishn on 5th January 2011